That night…

These cold cracking days
That sensitive fire burnt loud
With forcibly controlled flames
Blatant ignition stayed inside
With frosty heat by my side.

It’s been a long time guys, I was busy with traveling and all my academic works.

Enjoy it..

Thankyou 😊❤️



I Am in balcony

Nature has captureD me

those netted sunbeams,

those beautiful interlinked hills,

those cute dancing florals.

Nature is in my eyes now,

such an enticing image

But my vision is incomplete

in your absence.

Nature needs your radiance

my love.

And I just need you by my side

absorbing it my dear.


I woke up today and directly went to the balcony ( strange…. I don’t know why ). My eyes were not opening as I wanted to sleep more but the serene scenery infront of me took away my dizziness. I didn’t sleep much yesterday. But everything vanished and positivity was all around me( it was inside me ).

So, this was the happy moment as I was able to notice such fantastic image and I was so close to nature. It matters me a lot. Nature is neutral, it absorbs all your negative thoughts and still it would remain the same, if you really feel it. That’s the real beauty of nature.





I can eat music

but without you

I can’t feel it.

YesterdAy I haD a terrible day  (before the first day), I was like I shouldn’t have come here. As on every running second I was feeling even the millisecond. And I am repenting that I am alone( without her ). I asked her but she had some genuine inevitable reasons. And I was a fucking idiot who had booked the tickets two days before( didn’t realise that  I would get to see this). Whatever I did today it reminded me of her like I wanted her by my side at the time of bot fight, I wanted her in the programming workshop, I wanted her in the edm night, I wanted her to hold my hand when I was crying alone, treading alone.

To erase those painful dots I danced, I wrote(now I am doing same), I observed people. And it worked a little bit too. Today I experienced my first edm night. It was amazing. It would make you loose all your frustrations, it would make you a funny actor( you start making faces, weird gestures at the time of colourful flashing lights) and the most important thing your leg would start moving on it’s own. It’s involuntary and you would realise shortly. It would make you a dancer even if you wouldn’t have danced in your whole life. But at this moment I wanted to dance with her, I know I can dance but it would have been an awe-inspiring moment with her( if I would have got a chance). I WOULD HAVE STILL DANCED WITH YOU EVEN IF THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHED. But she wasn’t there I lost all my energy and little I have now,  using to move the pen.

I didn’t feel that much as I realised that it was an ice bullet of happiness. I introspected and spotted that happiness originates from her, it doesn’t matter if it’s large scale or small scale . I can eat everything but you are the one who would make me feel it.

I sometimes feel that this is my anomalous dream.

I am twirling around and only you would make me concentrated.


Thankyou guys for all your support.





It’s night,

It starts in deep slumber

connecting mesmerising memories,

serene sensations and fantasial feelings.

Here you eagerly wait

for something extraordinary

and finally your sixth sense spots her.

Your heart fills up with extreme happiness.

those enthralling fantasies

start dancing with the rhythm she creates.

You realise to face her in real life,

now you are detached, you are awake.

Wondering if you did the right thing?

It’s really strange,

you feel sad because of her absence

then you gift yourself,

those exquisite memories.

Reveries have become inevitable

it’s like oxygen to your mental health.

Here you imagine every little thing

explicitly to impress her.

Subconsciously your mind wants her

to pat you and to startle you.

But again you dream of one moment

to enlive your day , to uplift your heart.

Here that may or may not happen

but whenever it happens

the lyrics of those love songs

start waving, encircling you.

Your body teleports to cloud nine

enriching you with the essence of positivity

And it becomes night again………..



It’s been A long time guys, I misseD you a lot. I was attending a fest and was busy. But I designed this there on the first day as I was feeling little ( you know it’s actually not little but ‘formality’) alienated and lonely. I always wanted your suPport and you guys gave me (that power to write). But she is the one.

Thankyou for all your support