It’s him not her….

When I found a reason
He made it fictitious.
When I found happiness
He made it delusional.
When I found failure
He made it even worse.
When I bit my skin hard
He made my teeth even stronger.
When I was burning
He fuelled the inferno.
When I met her
He forced time to run fast.
When I found love
He made her perplexed.

I guess God has different plans…


Love you all❤️


That night…

These cold cracking days
That sensitive fire burnt loud
With forcibly controlled flames
Blatant ignition stayed inside
With frosty heat by my side.

It’s been a long time guys, I was busy with traveling and all my academic works.

Enjoy it..

Thankyou 😊❤️

If you are asking ????

I know you must be thinking..

I Don’t know, I just fell only for you without knowing Anything about you and you became everything( my day, my night everything). I don’t care about the type of situations I will go through but I am damn sure that you are the love of my life.

Because I have never felt such pure feeling when you were gazing at me for the first time I saw you. I have never thought of such little pretty things which would decide my day. Never I have waited that long for someone. Never I have sprinted that fast and slipped without even realising the pain because I was lost in you. Never I have gone blank infront of someone.Never I have danced that funky whenever I got a sight of you. And never I have felt such happiness and worked on myself.

Sometimes we have to be lost in something, I am lost in you..



I Am in balcony

Nature has captureD me

those netted sunbeams,

those beautiful interlinked hills,

those cute dancing florals.

Nature is in my eyes now,

such an enticing image

But my vision is incomplete

in your absence.

Nature needs your radiance

my love.

And I just need you by my side

absorbing it my dear.


I woke up today and directly went to the balcony ( strange…. I don’t know why ). My eyes were not opening as I wanted to sleep more but the serene scenery infront of me took away my dizziness. I didn’t sleep much yesterday. But everything vanished and positivity was all around me( it was inside me ).

So, this was the happy moment as I was able to notice such fantastic image and I was so close to nature. It matters me a lot. Nature is neutral, it absorbs all your negative thoughts and still it would remain the same, if you really feel it. That’s the real beauty of nature.