Your song in October

It was..

That moment.

That raptured October.

Where dance coordinated with music.

Where he started expressing and she listened serenely.
Where caged feelings pierced through both hearts.
Where a dumb idiot became a stand-up performer.
Where he quantum jumped over a barrier which was created in his fantasy.
Where both of them coincided and the probability became 1.
Where both eyes resembled each other.
She was little perplexed so was he but then it was crystal clear.
Where he conquered his fantasial fears with rhapsody.
Where he waited for an ethereal voice of her and she was satisfied.
Where colour of wind changed to aurora and he was floating in those waves.
Where he laughed and she smiled.
Where she thought of him and he was lost in her.

This is something very close to me. It means like everything. Today spotted it when I was going through my notes.

Sorry for the delays guys..

So enjoyyy..❤️

That night…

These cold cracking days
That sensitive fire burnt loud
With forcibly controlled flames
Blatant ignition stayed inside
With frosty heat by my side.

It’s been a long time guys, I was busy with traveling and all my academic works.

Enjoy it..

Thankyou 😊❤️

I want to be….

I want to be that gentle Air you breathe.
I want to be that serene voice you sPeak.
I want to be that Delicious food of you eat.

I want to be that beautiful floweR You wear.
I want to be that unforgettable dream You undergo.

I want to be that funny gesture you play wIth.
I want to be that yellow kurta you love.
I want to be that exuberent personality you beam .
I want to be that vivaciously naughty chilD which you Are.

I want to be that lucky crown my princeSs.
I want to be that .Humble person in the mirror when you look into it.

You only you….

Thankyou ❤️

If you are asking ????

I know you must be thinking..

I Don’t know, I just fell only for you without knowing Anything about you and you became everything( my day, my night everything). I don’t care about the type of situations I will go through but I am damn sure that you are the love of my life.

Because I have never felt such pure feeling when you were gazing at me for the first time I saw you. I have never thought of such little pretty things which would decide my day. Never I have waited that long for someone. Never I have sprinted that fast and slipped without even realising the pain because I was lost in you. Never I have gone blank infront of someone.Never I have danced that funky whenever I got a sight of you. And never I have felt such happiness and worked on myself.

Sometimes we have to be lost in something, I am lost in you..

An essence of Pure Elation..

Today was the day happiness kissed me in these long….(for me) holidays which is still running.

Today, I met my first English teacher after almost two and half years. I got all my skills, all those tricks and love for the subject because of her. She is my icon and you wouldn’t be dazzled she is the epitome of a perfect human being.

So, hurriedly I reached there as I was too late because of some other crucial works I was engaged in. It was planned that we(I with my friends) would go together, but that failed. They had already reached about an hour earlier(so just feel the tension, I was little scared),  but they were waiting for me. As I stepped inside mam was sitting in-front of me, everybody were gazing at me. So I just went straight and sat right next (to her right) to mam. I am thankful that I sat beside her and I appreciated her hospitality. I was filled up with happiness at this moment, my confidence went super high. She was happy and that’s what mattered me the most. We talked about lifestyle, society and the most naughty part was about my childhood( what she observed when I was in school). When childhood comes into play consciously you may not show but  on subconscious level those emotional strings starts ringing. I also wrote some poetry for her (expecting she won’t read) but I realised that she read everything and I was like baffled I mean…. what the ….(I controlled myself bursting into mad-zone ). We laughed, we were making some weird gestures ( we both were kids at this time) it was really fascinating. If I can put a smile (making her laugh from her heart which was unbearable) I would do that and I did. So, she was really happy.

As everybody went away I had the time to interact with her family members too. So, they asked me a lot of questions , I answered and I was asking some weird, vague questions to make the environment enthusing. I never felt that I am a student and they treated me like one of their own family members ( that I belonged there).

She is a legend actually, she is two times NATIONAL BEST TEACHER AWARDEE but her kindness, humility captures me the most. She has so much light in her heart. Finally, it was time and I had to leave even if I didn’t wanted. I am grateful that she gave me everything without expecting a single coin in return. I am happy that she is my teacher.