Your song in October

It was..

That moment.

That raptured October.

Where dance coordinated with music.

Where he started expressing and she listened serenely.
Where caged feelings pierced through both hearts.
Where a dumb idiot became a stand-up performer.
Where he quantum jumped over a barrier which was created in his fantasy.
Where both of them coincided and the probability became 1.
Where both eyes resembled each other.
She was little perplexed so was he but then it was crystal clear.
Where he conquered his fantasial fears with rhapsody.
Where he waited for an ethereal voice of her and she was satisfied.
Where colour of wind changed to aurora and he was floating in those waves.
Where he laughed and she smiled.
Where she thought of him and he was lost in her.

This is something very close to me. It means like everything. Today spotted it when I was going through my notes.

Sorry for the delays guys..

So enjoyyy..❤️

That night…

These cold cracking days
That sensitive fire burnt loud
With forcibly controlled flames
Blatant ignition stayed inside
With frosty heat by my side.

It’s been a long time guys, I was busy with traveling and all my academic works.

Enjoy it..

Thankyou 😊❤️



I can eat music

but without you

I can’t feel it.

YesterdAy I haD a terrible day  (before the first day), I was like I shouldn’t have come here. As on every running second I was feeling even the millisecond. And I am repenting that I am alone( without her ). I asked her but she had some genuine inevitable reasons. And I was a fucking idiot who had booked the tickets two days before( didn’t realise that  I would get to see this). Whatever I did today it reminded me of her like I wanted her by my side at the time of bot fight, I wanted her in the programming workshop, I wanted her in the edm night, I wanted her to hold my hand when I was crying alone, treading alone.

To erase those painful dots I danced, I wrote(now I am doing same), I observed people. And it worked a little bit too. Today I experienced my first edm night. It was amazing. It would make you loose all your frustrations, it would make you a funny actor( you start making faces, weird gestures at the time of colourful flashing lights) and the most important thing your leg would start moving on it’s own. It’s involuntary and you would realise shortly. It would make you a dancer even if you wouldn’t have danced in your whole life. But at this moment I wanted to dance with her, I know I can dance but it would have been an awe-inspiring moment with her( if I would have got a chance). I WOULD HAVE STILL DANCED WITH YOU EVEN IF THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHED. But she wasn’t there I lost all my energy and little I have now,  using to move the pen.

I didn’t feel that much as I realised that it was an ice bullet of happiness. I introspected and spotted that happiness originates from her, it doesn’t matter if it’s large scale or small scale . I can eat everything but you are the one who would make me feel it.

I sometimes feel that this is my anomalous dream.

I am twirling around and only you would make me concentrated.


Thankyou guys for all your support.




Without your roseate touch

my skin feels ignorant and I become weak.

Without your ethereal voice

I can’t shoot at my dreams.

Without your captivating dance

my blood stops flowing and I  am paralyzed.

Without your mesmerizing sight

my eyes stop seeing and I can’t even see in light.

Without your conquering image in mind

ideas become scattered and I can’t write.

And without your resplendent face at night

nightmares would capture fantasies and that won’t be right.

And I assure you, I won’t leave

rather, I would hold you right tight.


Thankyou guys for all the support and being able to connect to my emotions and feelings.

I know you would understand and it’s really very painful in real world.(AD)

With Love…




Those heart rending melancholies

have hypnotized my mind

such that the heart is

now pumping emotions

mixed with piercing melodies.

My brain becomes blank

as blank as a clear plane paper

and all those working neutrons

opens the gate to you my Dear.

As my blood has lost it’s Ability to flow.

My eyes have lost it’s Ability to blink.

But still this journey continues

without such of a grand hit.

Those lower notes have captured me,

Those higher notes have netted me.

Providing a very high shield

protects me with strong build.

When those cute emotions

play those guitar strings,

energizes me to be

one of those magnificent pop kings.

Your voice drives me crazy

as you sing it out loud.

My body interprets the tunes

without such of a big crowd.

One day, when this music

would coordinate with dance

it would be such a rhapsody

dominating those concerts in Tomorrowland.



Thank you guys for appreciating my work I am really leaving nothing back to bring you the emotions that I feel so that you can relate to.

But this poem is again an outcome of a really emotional(AD) situation I went through these past few days. So I wish you all would enjoyyyyy……..