Happy new year guys…

Just be pure and original…

❤️ U all


You don’t wanna know.

You held back you hung up.
When he needed you the most.
You didn’t realise the ball game he was in
And you won’t realise the out-turn too.
He could fight battles himself,
Which he did. And everybody must.
But remember little touch of your words might hold him back, might change his psyche, might capture him.

As simple as that.
That’s all he needed.
Still you don’t want to know.

Guys resonate, girls too.

Day didn’t went as expected..

Sometimes it’s only you and the world
You realise the crucial blatant truth
That no one really cares
No one really loves
You introspect
You observe
You take the beauty of the silent trees in.
You feel the sweet rays burning your skin.
You get struck by those soft winds making you wobble.
You hologram your emotions playing infront of your eyes.
And finally you get your answer
It’s only you
Or May be sometimes you aren’t.

It’s been a long time guys. I have been little busy but I can never stop thinking about this. So thankyou for all your support.


You are exquisite….


When your teArs start crying.
When your time forces you to go backwarDs.
When your dreams feel or desire to enjoY reality.
When your reveries hold your stAtic eyes.
If all those exquisite moments with her gives you goosies.
If you are lost in her and you never want to get out.
If you live for her and rePent every moment in her absence.
And if liteRally your mInd is flooded by her.
You really respecT her and your blooD becomes cold, you can’t see your life ahead, it dreads you when you even think of loosing her.
Most importAntly if she doesn’t know.
Then why are you Still waiting?
Go tell .Her that you love her.

I love you.😍❤️

This poem means a lot to me guys. This is the epitome of her love and her personality. She is my life..

Thankyou I wish you would feel..

I want to be….

I want to be that gentle Air you breathe.
I want to be that serene voice you sPeak.
I want to be that Delicious food of you eat.

I want to be that beautiful floweR You wear.
I want to be that unforgettable dream You undergo.

I want to be that funny gesture you play wIth.
I want to be that yellow kurta you love.
I want to be that exuberent personality you beam .
I want to be that vivaciously naughty chilD which you Are.

I want to be that lucky crown my princeSs.
I want to be that .Humble person in the mirror when you look into it.

You only you….

Thankyou ❤️

Somewhere feeling sad….

I Always get a situation where I can’t express the full of me. I really feel baD for that but it hurts even more when I did my best but I feel useless . But somewhere I like that as that feeds me with more energy next time. I won’t express, but I would feel inside. You play a very crucial part(it’s everything for me) like I don’t need anything else. Even you don’t know.

I am just waiting what else time would show me. Just making the time perfect to kill the beat. And I am ready for it.