My dear, I miss you, I don’t know how I am gonna hold these days. But I am glad what I am experiencing.❤❤❤

ExcePt you no one hAs

that inquisitive eye to

extract my serene feelings.

AnD except you no one has

that enormous power

to stop the flood gates from overflowing.



I found this picture here :



Without your roseate touch

my skin feels ignorant and I become weak.

Without your ethereal voice

I can’t shoot at my dreams.

Without your captivating dance

my blood stops flowing and I  am paralyzed.

Without your mesmerizing sight

my eyes stop seeing and I can’t even see in light.

Without your conquering image in mind

ideas become scattered and I can’t write.

And without your resplendent face at night

nightmares would capture fantasies and that won’t be right.

And I assure you, I won’t leave

rather, I would hold you right tight.


Thankyou guys for all the support and being able to connect to my emotions and feelings.

I know you would understand and it’s really very painful in real world.(AD)

With Love…



I don’t know why

people feel envious

when you clinch something.

They would jail you

with bars of negative thoughts,

inquiring every single dot

in name of hospitality.

Drowning you deep into your

own ideas and thoughts

dissolving them making them futile.

Even they would also try

to cripple you, so that

you can’t walk further for success.

Manipulating most crucial

persons in your life ,

hypnotizing them with dark magic.

So that their motif

would be triumphed by the persons

you have unbreakable rapport with.

Never they focus on their affairs

Never they will win the battle

Never they will be crowned.

I wish my friends

won’t be consumed by

any single strand of negativity.

So that even if the sky is dark,

their exists such an enormous ecstatic cosmos

to light up like an inferno,

burning down the rogue waves of negativity

into positive big-bang vapors.

Evolving present scenario

and enlivening correct temperament.


This is generally  not for those guys those who think like this, whose legacies are  like this as they would realize one day and would try to change themselves(only themselves).

But most essentially this is for those guys those who are manipulated by those dark magicians leading to some severe and serious consequences.

BE POSITIVE (whatever may be the situation, act where you need to)




Those heart rending melancholies

have hypnotized my mind

such that the heart is

now pumping emotions

mixed with piercing melodies.

My brain becomes blank

as blank as a clear plane paper

and all those working neutrons

opens the gate to you my Dear.

As my blood has lost it’s Ability to flow.

My eyes have lost it’s Ability to blink.

But still this journey continues

without such of a grand hit.

Those lower notes have captured me,

Those higher notes have netted me.

Providing a very high shield

protects me with strong build.

When those cute emotions

play those guitar strings,

energizes me to be

one of those magnificent pop kings.

Your voice drives me crazy

as you sing it out loud.

My body interprets the tunes

without such of a big crowd.

One day, when this music

would coordinate with dance

it would be such a rhapsody

dominating those concerts in Tomorrowland.



Thank you guys for appreciating my work I am really leaving nothing back to bring you the emotions that I feel so that you can relate to.

But this poem is again an outcome of a really emotional(AD) situation I went through these past few days. So I wish you all would enjoyyyyy……..